CrushFTP is a robust file transfer server that makes it easy to setup secure connections with your users.

'Crush' comes from the built-in zip methods in CrushFTP. They allow for downloading files in compressed formats in-stream, or even automatically expanding zip files as they are received in-stream. This is called ZipStreaming and can greatly accelerate the transfer of many types of files.

Secure management is web based allowing you the ability to manage and monitor the server from anywhere, or with almost any device. Easy in place server upgrades without complicated installers. Runs as a daemon, or Windows service with no need for a local GUI.

CrushFTP is watching out for you by detecting common hack attempts and robots which scan for weak passwords. It will automatically protect you against DDoS attacks. No need for you to do anything as CrushFTP will automatically ban these IPs to prevent wasted logging and CPU usage. This keeps your server secure from unwanted abuse.

User management includes inheritance, groups, and virtual file systems. If you want simple user management, it can be as easy as just making a folder with a specific name and nothing else. Think about how easily you can delegate user administration with CrushFTP's role based adminstration and event configuration.

Enterprise Tools & Automation

High speed file transfer over high latency connections. Job scheduling and monitoring. DMZ capable with reverse connections from internal server, virtual IP management and session replication provide for High Availability. Automated reporting and real-time monitoring. In-stream PGP encryption and decryption, to enforce security on stored files.


Wide variety of included plugins allowing for extended authentication methods (LDAP, Active Directory, Radius, Folder Names, and more) CrushTask also allows for post processing actions (copy local or remote, rename, email, zip / unzip, encrypt / decrypt, imap, and more).


CrushFTP provides realtime monitoring of all operations. You can see an overview on the dashboard, watch a filtered and highlited log scrolling as activity occurs, and see each active connection.

Remote Sync & Replication

Realtime local file synchronization to the server. Keep folders in sync across many machines. Detects changes in files and sends only the changed parts. Utilizes high speed transfers and compression, and can synchronize files with encryption being done at the client.


Customizable HTTP(S) WebInterface supporting resume and high speed transfers, and WebDAV(s) support for iOS / Android devices. Automated thumbnail creation for many file types, slideshow mode for viewing photos, and built-in movie playing interface.


Users can be allowed to connect a local drive on their machine which they can then utilize. This allows for seamless integration with the OS in file management and applications working with documents stored on the server.


Secure Protocols

Secure Protocols

SFTP - This uses a SSH connection to perform file transfers. Public / private key authentication can be allowed or password-less logins. SFTP is not well suited for high latency connections though. Almost any SFTP client is supported.

SCP - Secure copy also uses SSH, but is meant for pushing a single file transfer as fast as possible. Its not well suited for directories, or for downloading if you don't know the exact file name already. Almost any SCP client is supported.


The server dashboard shows you summarized information about what the server is doing. You can see things like the number of active connections, free drive space, recent login list, memory usage, server port status, and history graphs about bandwith and memory usage. You can drill down into appropriate items to see more details and monitor specific users or actions the server is doing.

AD-HOC Sharing

AD-HOC Sharing

You can allow users to create temporary links and shares to files and folders. These links self expire after the set interval. You can customize all aspects about the sharing interface including what items are visible, their default settings, custom email body, colors and fonts, and the method of share to use.


Event actions that are user customizable. They can generate emails with a list of uploads a user just made, or many various other tasks. You can customize events down to extreme detail. Events can be used to run various plugins which then perform other tasks as well (such as the CrushTask plugin.)


Custom Web Forms

The WebInterface allows you to specify custom forms for welcoming a user on their first visit to your site (such as acceptance of a legal disclaimer), or for asking for additional information about uploads. This data can be further processed in email notifications, or written to XML files using a CrushTask as an event in the user's setting in the user manager.

Thumbnail Previews

The WebInterface is a rich interface allowing for stunning visual displays of its files. Images, PDFs, Documents can all have previews of their contents generated into thumbnails that the user will see at a glance in the WebInterface. You can allow the user to view these thumbnails in large forms for slideshows, or quick previews. Movies can be handled also. Still frames are generated automatically from the movie so you can get a quick overview of the movie as your mouse hovers over the icon. You can also allow users to play movies directly from the WebInterface.

Thumbnail Previews
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