CrushFTP 6.0 changes:

CrushFTP 6 is a paid upgrade, licenses can be purchased on the pricing page.
CrushFTP 5.8 changes:

***better thread usage, handles higher loads now
***added Jump support for CrushTask (Enterprise customers only)
***added MFMT, MLSD, MLST command support to FTP
***added per user file at rest encryption capabilities
***improved HTTP interface response time
***improved speed handling for uploads and download with Java applet (advanced upload/download) in WebInterface
***supports delta based uploading and downloading when resuming a transfer with the Java applet
***CrushTunnel can now do reverse mode
***can now direct link to files even through a login request
***validates emails in Share WebInterface
***supports multiple simultaneous downloads and uploads on a  single SFTP connections
***WebInterface can select all files even in pagination mode now
***shows growl notification in WebInterface when download starts
***supports read_only fields in WebInterface custom forms, and hidden fields
***added support for asynchronous events that might run for a long time
***less WebInterface caching
***WebInterface can now display the last error that occurred on a file transfer
***can now control the number of recent sessions kept in the GUI
***can block URL unsafe characters
***better URL decoding capabilities
***importing users can handle additional fields in tab delimited format
***added support for max connections per protocol
***added support for case insensitive usernames
***added support for complex password restrictions
***added support for changing the password front he login page when its expired
***changed to Derby for internal DB engine to prevent corruption caused from HSQL (automatically converts)
***internal code cleanup

***CrushTunnel bandwidth acceleration had a memory leak that was fixed
***other misc CrushTunnel fixes
***login count is less exaggerated with web clients now
***fixed zip archive structure being too deep for zipped web downloads
***WebDav fix for some clients looping forever
***fixed bug with IPv6 support
***FTP proxy fixes
***fix for Adobe Contribute WebDAV issue
***fixed changing password when using SQL back end
***fix for very small uploads and downloads int he WebInterface
***fix date customizations for shares not he WebInterface
***work around for JVM bug on some Windows versions
***fixed file size tracking for zipping and reports
***fixed upload bug with HTTP leaving files corrupt if the size was a specific size
***fix for uploads not overwriting a file
***fix for events and WebDAV, tracking multiple sessions as one
***fixed daemon install for some OS X systems
***fixed new files report when a path contained a space
***fixed delete order for CrushTask deletes
***fixes for variable replacement in CrushTask
***bug fix for tree view in WebInterface
***fixed bugs with resuming transfers in WebInterface
***fixed bug with ReverseProxy and WebInterface
CrushFTP 5.7 changes:

***improved user manager load times
***added new 'welcome' event to trigger different actions
***increased size of thumbnails in Sharing emails
***bundled ThumbsUp to handle OS X image previews (
***faster WebInterface performance
***logs detailed changed being made to server prefs, or users to CrushFTP.log
***inheritance for WebInterface customizations now merges across all layers
***added cleanup of expired accounts in the user manager
***added support for controlling who emails are sent To: and From: for Sharing
***added ability to grant limited administration to just the user manager, and only the users in a group
***preserves modified times on uploaded files using advanced mode
***added the ability to do exclusion pattern matching for folder monitor
***added support to encrypt VFS URLs in the XML files
***additional modes for AS2 authentication
***added ability to redirect user at login to another web page
***alerts can now catch bad email addresses
***added list of files a user accessed to the Welcome form report
***reports no longer email out empty reports
***added support for importing BulletProof FTP users
***added support for MySQL and statistics DB
***added additional APIs for WebInterface for external access
***added default slideshow permissions when sharing images
***removed old WebInterface
***cleanup of unused libraries, smaller application size

Bug Fixes:
***fixed bug with export user pass report handling groups
***fixed bug with case sensitivity and using a DB as the back end for users
***fixed bug with some UTF8 chars on the WebInterface
***fixed bug with symlinks that are being downloaded
***fixed bug with searching in the WebInterface
***fixed bug with SSL and SMTP
***performance tweaks for SFTP proxy scenario
***fixed bug with tracking upload forms with Advanced upload
***fixed bug with POSIX permissions on OS X
***fixed bug with mass updates in user manager and VFS
***fixed NLST responses
***fixed bug with getting disk usage in Linux
***fixed bug with SQL mode and non local VFS
***fixed bug where password changes were lost in the user manager
***fixed memory leak in specific scenarios
***fixed bug with SFTP download packet order sequences
***fixed bug with Groups for various reports
***fixed bug with creating too long of paths in Windows
***fixed bug with cached VFS items being difficult to delete
CrushFTP 5.6 changes (some apply to 4.9.16):

***Many WebInterface enhancements.  Faster loading, pagination, selecting recent items, quick view
***Web Customizations now inherit individual settings instead of only all at once.
***All statistics that are tracked in the stats DB can be sent to another DB
***Auto calculations for HTTP(S) tunnels now works correctly for high speed transfers
***Previews of images will now skip corrupted images better, improved logging
***Enterprise customers now get a Jobs tab to monitor and schedule CrushTask events
***Support groups for running reports
***Shared files with the temp link now keep web customizations of parent user
***added retry capability to CrushTask
***Added support for %expiration% date in automatic MagicDirectory emails

Bug Fixes:
***bug fixes to how PASV response is determined
***SSL sockets are now bound to the proper IP
***fix for selecting users when the list is very long
***better compatibility with AS2 servers
***fixes loading of deep URLs after HTTP login
***fixed "I forgot my password." link on login page
***fixes bugs with IE downloads and UTF8 characters
***fixed bug with deleting multiple temp accounts
***fixed bug with Test Email button
***fixed logging display on remote admin when under high load
***fixed download file tracking for reports
***fixed slow report generation on big reports
***fixed defaults for SSH
***fixed bug with GoodReader and iCal
***fixed bug with calculating transferred data this month
***fixed issue with default owner, group, and privies with WebDAV
***fixed how CrushTask handles copying files from remote FTP servers
***fixed downloading using advanced method of download basket
CrushFTP 5.5 changes (some apply to 4.9.15):

Major Enhancements for Everyone:
1.) New SSH Engine
  --faster, robust, and more compatible with SFTP/SCP clients in general.
2.) New HTTP Engine
  --new engine is faster at handling HTTP requests, and handles reverse proxy scenarios correctly.
3.) New HTML WebInterface
  --All based on CSS, Javascript, and HTML.  Includes integrated invisible Java applet when needed.
  --No more Flash interface!  Same interface works on any modern browser now.
  --Supports native browser drag and drop upload for modern browsers.
  --Uploading and downloading in the WebInterface can now use zipstreaming for faster performance.
4.) Support for IPv6

Major Enhancements for Enterprise Customers:
1.) High speed file transfers using accelerated HTTP tunnels.
  --regardless of distance, or packet loss, you can now get full speed on file transfers around the world.
  --20Mbit connections from Australia to the US.
  --100Mbit connections from Europe to the US.
  --So whatever your bandwidth is from your ISP, you can utilize it all if the other end also has the bandwidth.
2.) Task Scheduler
  --You can run scheduled CrushTask instances to do various things when needed.

Other general enhancements:
Added option to require both public key and password authentication for SFTP.
Added support for @AutoDomain where the user's domain on their login determines where CrushFTP finds the user account.
Added event for when a user connects.
Added event for deleting files.
Added button to send email notices of new accounts.
Increased speed of remote admin handling.
Added more compatibility for AS2 and AS3 file transfers including ASYNC MDN replies.
Stores the last 200 hours of prefs.xml files for longer history to recover from.
Added ability to easily restore an older prefs.xml file from the main window.
Added STOU FTP command.  (Store Unique)
Added ability to restrict server bandwidth, but exclude some IPs
Added user manager customizations for the WebInterface to insert your own CSS or Javascript.
Added SQL "modified" table to we can track when data has been altered externally.  (Better caching support for SQL.)
Added safeguards to prevent accidental deletion of config files.
Added protection against reading a file that is only partially written.
Directory listings are now sorted by default.
Increased the speed of ASCII mode handling.
Added ability to get URL parts in an email event
Added hammering alert for user accounts connecting too frequently.
Added some additional logging customizations.
Added support for the same CrushFTP folder to do remote admin for multiple places.
Added control for proxy mode to do active or passive mode on FTP connections.
Added ability to set the home path of a user who logs in with SFTP.
Added configuration option for maximum threads the server can do.
Added support for SITE restart command.
Added support for ASCII mode when using proxy.
Cleans up older stats out of the statistics DB.
Added upload and download counts to the GUI user info window.
Added support for SFTP proxy mode to keyboard interactive servers.
Improved efficiency of Chunked encoding in HTTP handlers.
Added control over the index of the ethernet adapter in the ServerBeat protocol (High Availability.)
Added helpful message about AES256 encryption and how to enable it.
Increased speed of SFTP proxy mode.
Added preliminary support for XML API to do server administration.
Added additional debug logging throughout the server.
Events now run multithreaded.
User manager can now do batch copying, linking, and deleting of events to users in that group.
Created stronger warning message on what monitor folders does.
Added create local folder button into user manager.
Added display item to see "filetree" listings statuses on really large listings
User manager automatically displays hidden items now when using the quick jump feature.
Now uses better privilege escalation for installing a daemon, or using ports below 1024.  Less annoying popup window.
Added ability to create user home directories.

Bug Fixes:
Better socket management when CrushFTP is acting as a proxy
Fixed tunnel configuration in remote admin mode
Binds to the same IP that the incoming FTP connection used for data channels
Fixed caching bug on local files
GUI tweaks for better sizing and layout
Fixed bugs with synching plugins to remote admin session
Fixed new folder bug with Windows FTP client, and Windows WebDAV.
Fixed GUI issues in User Manager when using the quick find for a particular config item.
Improved searching algorithm to be more reliable and faster.
Fixed formatting on expiration date in user accounts.
Fixed ServerBeat (high availability) function for Linux machines.
Fixed bug in creating command line users.
Fixed bug in "Forgot my password" link not working.
Fixed bugs in proxy mode when using SFTP.
Fixed bugs in service install when port configuration is not correct.
Fixed STAT command in FTP.
Fixed bug with monitor folder settings not being cancelled properly.
Fixed bug with multiple PASV commands breaking the FTP session.
Fixed bug with installing daemon when using SQL mode.
Fixed error conditions when using a proxy in RFC mode.
Fixed bug with duplicating an event not making that vent unique.
Fixed bug with plugins using public key authentication.
Fixed beforeLogin plugin hook.
Fixed bug where the user manager reset permissions when renaming.
Fixed bug with some characters on remote admin passwords.
Fixed IP banning for HTTP sessions.
Fixed bug with jails proxy connections and merging multiple proxy FTP connections.
Fixed user manager concurrency issues.
Fixed inheritance in user manager.
Fixed browser's BASIC authentication popup.
Fix for events thread dieting and no events being triggered.
Fixed bug that showed the root SFTP VFS item's path.
Fixed reports to handle the display of larger file sizes.
Fixed out of memory issues when using inline plugins for the user manager's events.
CrushFTP 5.1.1 changes (some apply to 4.9.14):

***initial support for UDP tunneling for faster transfers (Enterprise Licensed Customers only)
***UDP support includes FTP proxy, SFTP proxy, and HTTP/TCP proxies (Enterprise Licensed Customers only)
***warns if you use different versions of CrushFTP for remote admin and actual serving
***added case sensitive filtering flag on dir listings
***added flag for controlling FTP proxy mode on non standard FTP dir listings
***defaults to Binary mode if the using FTP and the user never specified (flag can control this)
***significantly improved proxy performance
***folder monitors can now run in intervals of seconds if the value is negative
***added flag to allow disabling the stats DB engine
***fixed memory consumption scenario for FTP transfers
***set AES ciphers to be higher priority by default
***added support for higher strength AES ciphers in SFTP if your Java has the right policy files
***added support for automatically resuming failed uploads or downloads with the FTP proxy
***added mdtm_gmt flag to make MDTM use GMT format for dates
***alert's can now execute a plugin by specifying it in the "To:" header.  Example: PLUGIN:CrushTask
***added flag for determining if reports should be emailed in HTML or Plain Text mode
***added support for SFTP key renegotiations

***A CRITICAL BUG in CrushFTP 5.1.0_37-5.1.0_45 was fixed. (Denial of Service)
***fixed bug saving changes to the connection groups
***fixed bug where the last window size wasn't being preserved
***fixed log location filename
***fixes bugs when reading in ASCII mode to prevent character translation
***fixes potential port conflict bugs with port race conditions on Solaris
***fixed bug with the SCP handling of flags
***fixed bug creating the default user in MySQL
***fixed idle handling for HTTP sessions
***fixed bugs with Safari 5
***fixed bug with Flash 10.1 removing menu items
***fixed bug with HTTP sessions behind a reverse proxy
***fixed bug with owner/group/priv information with non ASCII filenames
CrushFTP 5.1.0 changes (4.9.13):

***uses fewer threads for all sessions
***client certificate authentication is now supported for FTPS as well as HTTPS
***improves WebInterface to display logos, welcome messages and honor some color customizations
***added control to block access to specific directories or files matching a pattern
***improved server prefs GUI to be less confusing on what "Server Groups" do
***added default for WebInterface to hide the upload method choice
***added defaults for WebInterface sharing, and allowing uploads
***supports recursive MKDIR command in FTP now
***added customization to force slideshow only mode
***added browse and test buttons for DB setup on the User Config tab
***windows service will now work in 64bit mode instead of 32bit mode
***faster exiting of failed remote admin sessions
***added support for dumb proxy mode
***SQL compatibility improvements
***removes temp files when using remote admin mode from a web browser
***added flag for disabling an account in the user manager
***added additional plugin hooks to monitor and control CrushFTP
***added flag to make events be able to be run immediately (_NO_DELAY at the end of the event name)
***added support for SFTP public key files being stored in the user manager field
***allows for multiple copies of CrushFTP to technically be run from the same machine
***now propagates error messages back to WebInterface or SFTP client if an upload fails.
***improved servu import to capture notes field

***WebInterface compatibility fixes
***bug fixes for webdav clients
***bug fix for editing inline plugin info in user manager
***fixed who downloaded report to only show downloaded files
***bug fixes for the WebInterface sharing feature
***bug fix for downloading PDF files with Adobe Reader browser plugin
***bug fix for event handling processing a file multiple times
***fixed bug when writing files in encrypted mode
***fixed bug for making previews of images when not on the C drive
***fixed bug with chmod in SFTP
***fixed bugs with CCC command in FTPS mode
***fixed bug with IIS FTP proxying
***fixed compatibility with Adobe Contribute and WebDav
***fixed bug with chunked HTTP tunneling
***fixed potential memory leak when in proxy mode
***fixed bug with importing CrushFTP 4 user databases to CrushFTP 5
***fixed bugs with SFTP proxy handling of files and directories
CrushFTP 5.0.6 changes:

***will act as CrushFTP 5 is CrushFTP detects you meant to start CrushFTP5 but forgot the flag (linux)
***uses new events system for more reliable event execution
***made it easier for generating Previews
***can now set the title on the login page
***added additional support for dump proxy mode in CrushFTP when dealing with bad FTP servers
***folder monitor can now call third party plugins (CrushTask)
***added support for allowing uploading to temp accounts
***added additional hooks for plugins
***changed dir filtering to use regex (partially)
***added flag to be able to start Crush with all ports stopped
***WebDAV is now supported on Windows Vista / 7
***WebDAV now passes most of the 'litmus' tests.
***some plugins can now be created inline in the UserManager instead of just globally in the server prefs
***creates groups in CrushFTP 5 when importing CrushFTP 4 users
***added variable %user_dir% that does not include the root directory of a user
***added ability to set a alternate source port for active mode connections

***fixed bug with ServerBeat not being disabled properly
***fixed bug with inheriting the user/group/privs in OS X and Linux when writing a new file.
***fixed bug with scp handling multiple uploads per connection
***fixed bugs with generating Previews on Windows
***fixed bugs with Flash and UTF8 characters (another work around)
***fixed bug with CrushUploader uploading files
***fixed bug with backing up prefs.xml, and restoring a backup file if a main one fails
***fixed bugs with Custom VFS's by third parties
***fixed bug where modified dates were lost when you copied and pasted files in the WebInterface
***fixed bugs with editing temp accounts when using remote admin mode
***fixed bug with lowres downloads of images
***fixed bug with UTF8 characters in emails
***fixed bug with a  memory leak
***fixed bug where files coulee be left in use
***fixed admin user creation to write file in the CrushFTP 5 default location
***fixed bug where uploads seemed to be failing even though they were not
***fixed bug with the IP in response to PASV
***fixed bug with timeouts for hammer banning
***fixed bug with the folder monitor GUI
***fixed bug with CCC synchronization
***fixed bug with blocking WebDAV connections
***fixed bug with empty directory listings
***fixed bug with logging in and out using different user accounts within the same browser session
***fixed bug with linked events
***fixed bug with miniURLs and the default flash/html mode
CrushFTP 4.9.12 changes:

***CrushFTP 5 has been released!
***(Paid upgrade.)
***Many, many new features, full docs here:

***can now set the title on the login page
***added additional support for dump proxy mode in CrushFTP when dealing with bad FTP servers
***added additional hooks for plugins
***changed dir filtering to use regex (partially)
***added flag to be able to start Crush with all ports stopped
***added variable %user_dir% that does not include the root directory of a user
***added ability to set a alternate source port for active mode connections

***fixed bug with inheriting the user/group/privs in OS X and Linux when writing a new file.
***fixed bug with CrushUploader uploading files
***fixed bug with backing up prefs.xml, and restoring a backup file if a main one fails
***fixed bug where modified dates were lost when you copied and pasted files in the WebInterface
***fixed bug with lowres downloads of images
***fixed bug with UTF8 characters in emails
***fixed bug with a  memory leak
***fixed bug where files coulee be left in use
***fixed bug with the IP in response to PASV
***fixed bug with timeouts for hammer banning
***fixed bug with the folder monitor GUI
***fixed bug with CCC synchronization
***fixed bug with blocking WebDAV connections
CrushFTP 4.9.11 changes:

***CrushFTP 5 has been released!
***(Paid upgrade.)
***Many, many new features, full docs here:

***added support for MD5 operations
***added support for progress bars when doing remote admin force updates
***added support for HTTP chunked encoding
***added support to link or unlink a VFS to everyone in a group
***added support for dumb proxy mode
***added log rolling date customization
***added compatibility flag that can control if all SFTP connections are closed when a channel is closed
***enhanced Crush Uploader to be more proxy and firewall friendly
***CrushImagePreview plugin can now have a max file size set for what it will process on a per file extension basis
***added support for chmod using SFTP
***added various additional SSL certificate choices when generating a new key
***added better sorting to proxy rules
***changed default to make empty SFTP files
***added protocol used into logging
***added FTP proxy information into user session log
***added flag to disable proxy jailing
***no longer updates expire date if it hasn't been reached yet
***added warning when you make a folder invisible

***implemented fix for Java vulnerability related to SSL sockets and cipher renegotiation (CVE-2009-3555
***various fixes to SFTP connections not being cleaned up after a disconnect
***fixed issue with remote admin where it could lock up
***fixes thread leaks with SFTP connections in some scenarios
***fixed issue with web upload forms and the java Uploader
***fixed bug with uploading files on the root of a drive
***fixed bug with error being logged on first run
***fixed bug with FTP proxy mode on handling remote servers
***fix for WebDAV when its disabled as a protocol
***fix for leaving a socket open in some scenarios with FTP
***fixed bug for when there are no plugins installed at all
***fixed bug with MiniURLs not being editable is remote admin mode
***fixed bug with getting the LAN IP of a Linux machine
***fixed bug where download failures got no error message
***fixed bug with error message from a failed proxy transfer not being reported back
***fixed timeout bug with SFTP
***fixed bug with neverban IP not being honored
***fixed permissions issue related to zipstreaming
***fix for special characters in username or password
CrushFTP 4.9.10 changes:

***now supports MD5 hashed passwords
***created workaround that may help with some virus scanners blocking remote admin
***additional compatibility changes for FTP proxy mode to non standard FTP servers
***remote admin mode will now retry for 30 seconds to get a connection before giving up
***events will now process 0 byte files
***added logging of what is being unzipped in a zipstream upload
***hidden 'dot' files are no longer hidden in WebDav by default
***improved port in use error messages
***added command line SITE SEARCH command
***added configuration option for forcing uploads in Binary mode, or Downloads
***fixed some UTF8 bugs in the WebInterface
***fixed bug with race condition on very fast uploads, or downloads, not getting their socket
***fixed bug with Windows service not installing correctly
***fixed bug with plugins getting loaded alphabetically
***fixed bug with iCal and other WebDAV clients posting uploads to CrushFTP
***fixed bug with the format of OpenSSH key files
***fixed bug with events being called immediately having the wrong item
***fixed bug where files could be uploaded that were up to twice the max size allowed
CrushFTP 4.9.9 changes:

***added support for AS3
***added MD5 checksums to file listings
***adds batch updated to suers in a group for Crush5
***added new plguin, CrushLDAPGroup that has been re-written for LDAP handling.  Less confusing.
***re-wrote PreferencesController to work where it can easily manage your multiple preferences for time of day.
***improved real file quota handling
***added support for unknown server types for FTP dir. listing sin the proxy
***handles NONSTOP FTP server style listings for proxy
***Crush5 WebInterface can now handle previews of movies (some manual work required)
***SFTP will no longer make 0 byte .zipstream files
***reports will not be sent via email if they are empty, unless the reports filename has 'email' in it.
***additional error logging
***added log messages if the prefs.xml file gets corrupted
***enforces filename restrictions for SFTP transfers
***supports plugins overriding the quota size for a folder
***added options for deciding if you want crush to clean up old thumbnail images
***plugins are now alphabetically listed
***added import tab delimited file of users
***stores files with the correct timestamp when doing zipstream
***fixed bug with SFTP clients uploading a file and setting the date to 0
***fixed bug with timezones and FTP synching
***fixed bug with SFTP getting disconnected
***fixed bug with 
***fixed bug with pattern matching for listing a dir. for specific file names
***fixed bug with UTF8 encoding and the WebInterface
***fixed bug with never ban list of IPs if its empty
***fixes bug installing as a service on OS X 10.6
***fixed bug where new versions of crush couldn't open old prefs.xml files
***fixed as2 configuration options
***fixed bug with dir. listings in Crush5 WebInterface
***fixed HTML emails not being sent correctly in Crush5
***fixed bug with the WebInterface not letting you change to a different username
***fixed WebDAV for Crush5
***fixes bug when running in 64bit and trying to install the daemon
***fixed remote admin mode in Crush5
***fixed bug in update.bat file where it wouldn't delete itself

CrushFTP 4.9.8 changes:

***CrushFTP 5 has been released! (Paid upgrade.)
***added new report "Expiring Accounts"
***User Manager now selects user after duplicating
***added delete event type to User Manager
***if reports are empty, they are no longer emailed
***added support for SITE ZONE command
***warning message about ports in use is more descriptive now
***banning IPs can now be disabled
***uses new HTML page for getting CrushFTP version information
***can now upload 0 byte fixed with SFTP
***FTP proxying now handles PASV mode better
***proxying FTP now works for UTF8 listings
***added install daemon menu items for OS X
***added default privs for LDAP home directories
***debug logging now has timestamps
***plugins can now provide public keys for use by SFTP logins
***now uses default SSL providers for the JVM being used
***kicking a HTTP session now kicks based on the cookie and not user and IP
***responds with the reason for a FTP proxy failure to login
***separated out components CrushFTP relied on to their own files for easier updating
***remote admin from a web browser now requires a password to start
***now allows for editing of remote admin URL during remote admin sessions
***simplified conversions with CrushImagePreview plugin for non windows machines
***rejects ebcidic encoding type
***SFTP doesn't disconnect the user if only a channel has been closed, and not the session
***fixed bug with SFTP connections sometimes failing to initialize
***fixed bug with secure cookies
***fixed bug with events on disconnect
***fixed bug with the OS X Finder, and Adobe Reader when downloading PDF files
***fixed bug on searching for usernames in reports
***fixed bug where files could be left in use after uploading
***fixed issue with HTTPS to HTTP reverse proxy configuration (protocol changed URL)
***fixed timezone offsets when dealign with Daylight Savings time
***fixed reports test button generating two emails
***fixed bug where HTTP sessions could timeout after 30 minutes, even if still in use
***fixed bug where ldap variables could not be referenced in emails
***fixed bug in parsing MS FTP server listings
***fixed upload forms search report to work with options on combo boxes.
***fixes bug with proxy servers sharing connections on the same TCP Socket
***fixes bug with HTTP proxy so that a failed directory change doesn't hang the connection
***fixed bug where hack usernames never time out
***fixed bug in updating CrushFTP on Windows where the update.bat had invalid references
***fixed bug on Windows where the CrushFTP.jar may be lost during the update process
***fixed windows service install to not write extra log files
***fixed bug with remote admin URLs not working if they were missing a slash
***fixed bug with uppercase key names in CrushSQL plugin

CrushFTP 4.9.7 changes:

***added quota sizes to FolderSizes report
***added support for OpenSSH formatted private server host key for SFTP.
***support for files containing ".." in their filename.  Support for FTP paths with ".." in the path.
***improved quota handling to use cache more
***quota calculations will now be queued for multiple simultaneous requests for the same folder. (faster)
***added preference for controlling the startup command crush uses when restarting itself after an update
***better handling of restarting server items only when needed after a prefs.xml file change by an external program
***added checkbox for running events asynchronously
***added support for permissions as part of the WebStar file import (tab delimited)
***supports scan depth for the :filetree magic filename.
***made Reports easier to debug what data is being generated (remove the XSL file to get raw XML)
***added support for outgoing CCC commands for proxy mode VFS
***CrushUploader removes unsafe characters automatically during file uploads
***fixed bug with ServU user import
***fixed bug with directory listings being empty on some VFS configurations
***fixed bug where no timeout for sessions actually timed out instantly
***fixed bug with port 2222 overriding a previous server items information
***fix for remote admin not loading completely
***fixed bug where user manager wouldn't let you create your first user
***fixed a potential thread leak
***fixed macbinary mode to only work on java 1.4 and java 1.5 on OS X.
***fixed uploads via SFTP to a drop folder not renaming the file to an alternate name
***fixed bug in HTTP uploads where headers were not UTF-8
***fixed bug with checkboxes not refreshing correctly on the UploadDownloadSummary report.
***fixed bug for FTP proxy mode not parsing directory listings correctly
***fixed bug with UNC paths and the NewFiles report

CrushFTP 4.9.6 changes:

***sped up SFTP connections
***SFTP is now enabled by default on port 2222
***added support for configuring a SSH Debug log file
***supports renaming files in FTP across physical hard drives instead of only on the same drive
***can now do inline unzipping of file contents during an upload (.zipstream)
***new option to disable gzip encoding for WebInterface
***SFTP can now delete an entire directory without going item by item
***template user can now verify outgoing SFTP connections
***handles over quota scenario better, stops transfer immediately.
***allows password to be changed in a plugin
***sort usernames alphabetically in Linux User Manager
***better cleanup of temp folder when doing remote admin
***fixed remote admin freeze when configuring scheduled reports
***WebDAV connections now filter files based on the server settings
***can now proxy FTP connections to DataExpress Nonstop (DXNS) servers.
***server host key for SFTP can now be regenerated without restarting the server.
***improved logging when importing Serv-u users
***supports shorter login URL: http://server:port/u=user&p=pass&path=/
***supports a magic filename called ":filetree" to get a recursive listing of files
***now warns when recycle trach bin is invalid
***reports can now reference the parameters used on the report via paramsObj
***new options to allow uploaded items to be processed by multiple events
***fix for Windows having corrupt plugins
***fixed bug where log files did not roll
***fix for FTP proxy connections not being released.
***fix rapid requests of small files closing the connection too fast
***fixed error caused by folder monitor monitoring a non-existant folder
***fixed FTPS Implicit not starting data channels correctly
***fixed user manager group selection bug where you couldn't cancel the selection
***fixed variables that can be used in Alert emails
***fixed bug where banned user was not immediately kicked
***fixed bug with folders that had a double space in them with a FTP proxy
***fixed double id numbers in the recent activity list
***fixed sizing of GUI in preferences window
***fixed GUI glitches in User Manager dealing with VFS inheriting and linked VFS's
***fixed CSV exported reports missing return characters in remote admin mode
***fixed OS X Finder 10.5 crashing when doing WebDAV
***fixed permissions when linking multiple VFS's from users together
***fixed bug with loading prefs.xml file after an outside editor changed it
***fix for Active Directory style domain\usernames
***fixed download timeouts and upload timeouts being set to 6 hours
***removed integration options for OS X

CrushFTP 4.9.5 changes:

***auto prefs backup now happens once a day giving you up to 100 days of backups of prefs files instead of only a few hours.
***enhanced support for FTP, SFTP, HTTP proxying to internal FTP server.  Multiple sessions can be tied to a single FTP session.
***added more integration with CrushSync.  Listing files that used to take hours can now take seconds. (FTP / FTPS modes)
***added delay interval to PostBack plugin
***added max emails per hour for alerts
***added SSH server identification message
***added option to hide email password link on login page
***added ip tags that can be added to email events for possible details on an IP
***added ability to create a local folder form the User Manager
***added WebDAV timezone offset setting
***added pause to window update script
***added option to folder monitor to keep ti from deleting the root folder.
***added additional ssl configuration options
***added internal prefs.xml options for enabling SSH debug logs
***CrushUploader now can maintain an active HTTP session indefinitely while its uploading files, and its faster now too.
***multithreads the calling of plugin events as some plugin events could be long running causing delays for other events.
***new internal build process
***fixes issue with prefs and bad plugin entries
***fixes issue with WevDAV logins that automatically include the domain as part of the username
***fixed bug with folder monitor logic on the main folder
***fixed bug with uploading using SFTP and WS_FTP failing part way
***fixes for FTP proxying connections
***fixed bug with saving localizations changes
***fixed bug with quick filter being very CPU intensive
***fixed bug where AutoUnzip plugin would prevent email events from being triggered

CrushFTP 4.9.4 changes:

***implements thread pooling to handle high load situations, and faster response times
***added support for SFTP and remote administration
***uses less internal threads for connections
***defaults custom directory logos for WebInterface to be disabled unless you enable it
***CrushSync now works very efficiently with CrushFTP for synchronizations
***fixed HTTP uploads where junk data could get sent to the log, and the session disconnected
***fixed CrushUploader not sending the correct form data with the files.
***fixed bug with web forms on the CrushUploader not loading
***fixed bug with URLDecoding of some strings just being ignored, or removing chars that should not have been
***fixed bug in User Manager when doing a batch update to multiple users
***fixed bug in log indicating the wrong IP was being used
***fixed bug with CrushUploader when zipping on the fly and going through a reverseProxy
***fixed GUI glitches on 10.5.5 with sizes of components

CrushFTP 4.9.3 changes:

***fixed bug with remote admin not working unless a user was currently logged in
***fixed bug with ReverseProxy and WebInterface's refresh button

CrushFTP 4.9.2 changes:

***added support in the folder monitor to also process empty folders
***added support for client certificate logins
***added bandwidth limiting for all users logged in with the same username
***fixed memory leak with SFTP connections
***fixed bug with adobe downloading PDFs and having a download event enabled
***fixed bug with user manager's test email button freezing the GUI when using remote admin
***fixed bug with setting default owner, group, and privs under OS X / Linux
***fixed bug with cancelled HTTP uploads not triggering plugins correctly
***fixed bug with Crush Uploader so it will resume uploads over time without loosing its cookie
***fixed bug with reverseProxy and WebInterface window refreshes after uploads
***fixed bug with miniURLs and ReverseProxy with Apache

CrushFTP 4.9.1 changes:

***added instant ban usernames that if they fail, cause an automatic ban. (administrator, root, admin, etc.)
***added extended logging capabilities (log to database, mail, syslog, etc.)
***added folder monitor filter criteria
***added support for form variables in LaunchProcess events
***added support for HTTP blocking uploads if the file size is bigger than the user is allowed to upload
***updated potential web syntax issues with WebInterface
***fixed bug with thread leak and SFTP connections
***fixed bug with SecureFX and CrushFTP SFTP sessions.
***fixed bug with email events failing for some people
***fixed bug with abort command causing strange logging
***fixed bug with uploading when proxying FTP servers
***fixed bug with SFTP and non USA localizations
***fixed bug with server host key creation when in remote admin mode
***fixed bug with inheritance in the user manager with the default folder privs

CrushFTP 4.9 changes:

***added random password generator in user manager
***added easy MiniURL creator in User Manager (right click)
***added extra security measures where you can require valid client certificates for all SSL/TLS connections
***added feature to make WebInterface button bar follow as you scroll the page
***added support for Mac OS X 10.5.3's WebDAV changes.
***web forms can now have each individual item referenced in email events by using %(element name)% (Example, %from%, %to%, etc.)
***added file encryption so uploaded files are stored encrypted, and decrypted when downloaded
***added FileEncryptDecrypt plugin allowing HTTP commands to be used to force a file to be encrypted or decrypted
***added default title for WebInterface
***added report to export users and passwords
***SSH Server key generation improved to work on Windows, and easier on OS X now too.
***CrushImagePreview now can be set to delay longer between image conversions
***LaunchProcess plugin now lets you specify the separator character
***Folder Monitor now defaults to being disabled until you enable it
***added configuration option on SSL provider for non Sun JVMs
***added more obvious warnings when the server is not able to get ports it needs
***server welcome message is easier to edit now
***CrushSQL plugin now will accept alternate column names if they start with "oracle_" to provide better compatibility
***CrushSQL will now default to having ip_restrictions set if you forget to create some
***added additional alert for quotas
***fixed bug with HTTP 206 replies being off by one byte (PDF downloads)
***fixed bug with SFTP transfers giving an error at the end (some clients)
***fixed a bug where SFTP was sending empty messages at times when the window was full
***fixed left over temp files after a web based remote admin session
***fixed message, and added warning when de-authorizing CrushFTP.
***fixed bugs with disabling auto connecting at startup to remote CrushFTP
***fixed bug with permissions not being handled correctly in SFTP
***fixed bug with SFTP clients giving an error when file transfer was complete
***blocks '#' character from remote admin URLs
***fixed logo alignment in WebInterface
***fixed bug with miniURL's needing a time for expiration
***fixed bug with disabled GUI elements in Preferences
***fixed bug with testing SMTP server when installed as a daemon / service
***fixed bug with kicking multiple users

CrushFTP 4.8 changes:

***added ability to specify a folder that gets cleaned up after a while (auto archives, or purges old files)
***added better file browser to CrushUploader
***added scheduled email support to reports
***added cut, copy, paste buttons to web interface
***added support for emailing reports when they are run
***added support for CrushSQL users to be able to request their password be emailed to them
***added  tag option to list the free space of the drive in the HTML comments, or FTP dir listings
***sped up dir listings in SFTP
***added miniUrlManager plugin.  Allows external easy management of miniURLs.
***CrushUploader now handles the forms on multiple batches by cloning the existing form
***you can now modify the 404 error page that is returned if a user tries to download a file they don't have access to.
***SFTP now supports AES128 & AES256 for encryption.  Faster and better cipher.
***added support for FTP Implicit to the CrushFTP proxy abilities.
***added log rolling based on day
***added last 1 day option for running reports
***multiple prefs.xml backups
***fixed bug with adding invalid IP blocks all users in the ban list
***fixed bug with CrushUploader when used behind Apache and ReverseProxy
***fixed bug with large dir listings and SFTP
***fixed bug with Windows and CrushImagePreview images being on multiple drives
***fixed bug with email events and SFTP uploads only having the last file in the email.
***fixed an issue with CrushLDAP and homeDir locations being loaded from LDAP
***fixed bug with CrushImagePreview being auto triggered to convert uploaded images
***fixed bug with some FTP servers not handling standard FTP commands when using the FTP proxy
***fixed issue for possible loss of stats.xml file
***fixed issue with SFTP connections hanging around after a disconnect

CrushFTP 4.7 changes:

***slows down responses when a hack attempt is suspected
***crushsql plugin now can handle individual files instead of just folders
***crushsql plugin now can make folder paths to be used instead of only allowing items to be at the "/" dir
***added plugin 'PostBack' to call external URL's with file upload/download event data
***added ability to restrict hours of the day a user can login
***added ability to apply filename filters to users directory listings.  (Hide specifically named files on a per user basis.)
***enhanced the CrushUploader to handle multiple batches of files.
***added the ability to control what protocols a specific user can use
***added error messages when the remote admin fails to authenticate using HTTP(S)
***added custom favicon.ico settings on a per domain basis
***added warning for large files when the user is using IE
***added ability for reports to use wildcards for usernames
***fixed bug with SFTP when transferring files over 1GB, or for longer than about an hour
***fixed bug with alerts saving the drive, and threshold in megabytes
***fixed bug with alerts not calculating free disk space properly on Windows
***fixed bug with anonymous username
***fixed bug with remote admin from a web browser quitting when saving prefs
***fixed bug with XP's WebDAV not working in CrushFTP 4.6
***fixed bug with the user database of the user manager getting corrupt
***fixed caching bug with the remote admin interface and IE.
***fixed bug with magic directory and change password option on WebInterface
***fixed osx widget default URL
***fixed bug with accountactivity summary report not working
***fixed issue with auto login URL not redirecting properly
***fixed bug with corrupting users from accidental drags in the user manager.
***fixed bug with the whitelist of IPs still being able to be banned
***fixed bug with IE caching the remote admin decription file
***fixed Byte and bit references labels in GUI and WebStatistics

CrushFTP 4.6 changes:

***added automated alerts for specific events : free disk space, user exceeding threshold, user being banned, new update available
***added shared quota support for MagicDirectory plugin
***added max upload file size
***added max download amount per session
***added max download amount per day
***added max download amount per month
***added ability to use flexible miniURLs.
***added a training video for doing a headless install (Linux, or OSX)
***added option to MagicDirectory plugin to cleanup unsafe web chars
***added options for IPs that can never be banned.  This can safeguard you from accidentally banning yourself.
***added support for UTF8 OPTS mode
***fixed bug where under high load an upload might get rejected
***fixed bug with encoding with Java 1.6 and XP
***fixed issue with logging and plugins
***fixed bug with CrushSQL account expirations
***fixed bug with miniURLs
***fixed bug with forcing a remote update on a CrushFTP server

CrushFTP 4.5.1 changes:

***added ability to set the max failed logins per IP before the IP is banned.
***added ability to use flexible miniURLs.
***fixed bug with No-IP plugin.
***fixed issue with leopard remote admin on the localhost.
***changed default for emails to be plain text instead of HTML based (same as it was in 4.4)

CrushFTP 4.5 changes:

***added support for FTP and FTPS proxying in the Virtual File System
***added rolling expiration days to user manager (an account can stay active as long as the user logs in frequently.)
***reports are now executed on the server and not the remote admin client if running a report remotely.
***added better support for iCal authentication when subscribing to published calendars
***added quick pick for users on the report screen
***added feature to magicdir plugin that allows referring to files in the magic dir in the email notification.  Example %filename1% or %filename2% etc.
***added new report to send email notifications when new files are added into users folders
***added download basket for zipping items from many folders.
***added hover text color
***added support for SFTP text encoding to be used
***SFTP now uses UTF8 encoding to handle foreign characters
***fixed bug with auto update not working when daemon is installed
***fixed bug with User Manager notes field and the @ sign
***fixed bug with overall server bandwidth limiting.  Now accurate to within a few kilobytes.
***fixed issue with quota showing as 300 MB when no quota was set.
***fixed issues with exif info in CrushImagePreview when using ImageMagick for the image conversions
***fixed bug with invalid users being disconnected before they received the message of why they were being disconnected
***fixed bug with memory leak and SSH
***fixed bug with SFTP connections changing between public/private key and password authentication
***fixed bug with 10.5 and FTP directory listings
***fixed bug in OS X 10.5 Leopard where remote admining another server would not launch
***fixed bug with automatic remote admin not working in some custom server configurations
***fixed GUI glitches with OS X 10.5 Leopard
***fixed bug with MacBinary mode and long file names
***fixed bug with airport router not giving the true IP of the incoming connection
***fixed bug with zipping and the dynamic folder expansion of the WebInterface
***fixed bug with folder deletions
***fixed bug with custom SSL certificates

CrushFTP 4.4 changes:

***added support for private/public keys for SFTP
***added real quota support (calculates the actual folder sizes)
***added additional WebDAV commands and compatibility options
***added quick filter option to search users, and log info for specific text
***added option to enable / disable directory caching (can speed up server performance in many situations greatly.)
***added support for expiring passwords after x days and allowing them to be changed
***added support for using ImageMagick with the CrushFTP CrushImagePreview plugin.
***added random password generation for MagicDirectory users
***added automatic email notification for MagicDirectory users
***added option to set the default for the crush uploader to resume uploads by default
***added option to set the default for the crush uploader to zip uploads by default
***added option to control CPU load on server with FTP commands
***added option to control CPU load on server with directory listings.
***added support for setting modification dates when using SFTP
***added the option to move deleted items to a recycle folder instead of actually really deleting them.  Also does versioning of the file/folder.
***added option to set the alignment of the WebInterface logo
***added global web footer text option
***fixed bug with renaming items in the user manager
***fixed bug with CrushImagePreview plugin checking for invalid iamges
***fixed issue with response to searches corrupting browser pipelining requests
***fixed issue with hung user manager remote admin connections
***fixed bug where an IP could be listed multiple times in the ban list
***fixed potential DOS issue affecting some users
***fixed web remote admin mode issue with Windows
***fixed email error responses to be more meaningful
***fixed issues with some operating systems not working properly in the User Manager
***fixed bug with uploads to virtual directories
***fixed bug with uploads that had whitespace in the names
***fixed bug with custom forms on the WebInterface making browser scroll bars very long.
***fixed bug with canceling an upload in the WebInterface
***fixed bug with renaming directories and files being tracked excesively
***fixed bug with magicdirectory plugin and template users
***unzip plugin now handles external unzipping where zips have meta info from the Finder (ditto)
***fixed bug with log file being overwritten

CrushFTP 4.3.5 changes:

***CrushFTP version check is now done via HTTPS instead of FTP
***you can now specify the location for reports to be saved when in remote admin mode.
***you can now specify the location of where the CrushFTP log file is written to.
***improved the windows service install, logging and removal
***improved remote admin speed on busy servers
***added support for quotas bigger than 2GB
***added file date support for AutoUnzip plugin (sets the correct modified dates as files are extracted.)
***added ability to add a header to the top of the WebInterface (This can be used to specify custom style sheets for example.)
***added ability to set a background image for the WebInterface
***added support for SSL SMTP where SSL is negotiated afterwards (GMail for example uses STARTTLS)
***automatically loads statistics locally if remote administrating a server on the same machine
***updated CrushFTP.exe for Windows to be a smaller .exe wrapper
***ldap plugin now caches user information to speed up slow ldap servers
***fixed issue with web based remote administration not launching properly
***fixed bug where old user manager backups were never being purged
***fixed bug wiht CrushLDAP plugin not working with ActiveDirectory
***fixed bug with homedirectory plugin wiping out quotas
***fixed bug with CrushFTP not having the defaults needed for some preferences. (prevented directory listings.)
***fixed bug with user manager when clicking no to save a user
***fixed bug with virtual file system and MagicDirectory plugin
***fixed bug with publishing iCal calendars where the publish never would finish
***fixed issue when dealing with thousands of users when synching them from the remote user manager

CrushFTP 4.3.4 changes:

***now displays the number of users in the user manager
***Launching the remote GUI administration from the Web now works faster and cleaner.
***added more messages during remote admin mode to tell you what is going on
***added reverse DNS lookup to a couple reports to more easily spot where connections are coming from
***allows for easy certificate signing of the CrushUploader, and maintains the signature
***decreased CPU load when many small files are being uploaded
***changed user manager to save changes immediately if you aren't working with hundreds of users.  Otherwise it still saves changes when the user manager is closed.
***fixed bug with removing the service on OS X
***fixed issues with custom form creation
***fixed bug with clicking no to save changes to a user corrupts the user
***fixed issue with modified dates and FTP / WebDAV
***fixed bug where invalid custom forms could be made
***fixed bug with turning ftp aware router/firewall option on and off

CrushFTP 4.3.3 changes:

***additional free tutorial training video (Advanced WebInterface Tips: Mini URLs, Events, and Custom Forms)
***search results now have a hover over link to go to the enclosing folder of the found result item
***added support for SSL SMTP email on port 465 ( for example.)
***added support for authenticated PDF submissions
***added support for FDF PDF submissions
***added support for FTP with multiple incoming WAN IP addresses
***http server now supports multiple byte ranges in partial content requests...fixing a bug with IE and PDFs.
***added search functionality so you can easily search through thousands of users for specific usernames, or notes
***SQL plugin can do almost all functions that the CrushFTP UserManager can now
***added ability to set ZIP compression level to None, Fast, or Best
***added support for custom permissions on new folders separate from the file permissions (OS X, Linux, Unix)
***added ability to disable extended passive and extended port commands that OS X terminal's FTP client uses
***added ability to disable MacBinary operations on the server.
***added support for crypt(3) formatted hashes in the ProFTPD import (no need to reset passwords)
***auto update is now more fail proof
***fixed issue with linked VFS and WebDAV not working correctly
***fixed bug with IE not displaying forms properly in the CrushUploader
***fixed bug with blocked file extensions not being honored all the time
***fixed bug with download bandwidth limiter not working properly
***fixed bug with compressed uploading (MODE-Z) with a bandwidth limiter
***fixed bug with Linux not handling user manager changes correctly
***fixed bug with Win2K3 and WebDAV

CrushFTP 4.3.2 changes:

***supports mini URL's to redirect users to a specific file, folder, or website.  They can be set to auto expire as well.  Example:
***supports PDF submissions from Acrobat.  Have end users fill out an acrobat form, and submit it for storage on your server.
***added feature to MagicDirectory plugin so you can set expiration dates for the MagicDirectory users.
***added ability to set an extension to be applied to uploads that are in progress and removed when they finish.
***added ability to tell a remote admin server to download and run a self update (OS X only)
***added pattern matching to email events so you can generate an event when someone uploads a specific kind of file.  Example: /uploads/*.mp3
***notifies you if you are using different CrushFTP versions for the server and remote admin client.
***fixed bug with homedirectory plugin
***fixed bugs with new caching mechanism
***fixed bug with the UserFolderSizes report where it would report no data
***fixed bug in Account Activity Summary where downloads were counted more than once.
***fixed bug with localization

CrushFTP 4.3.1 changes:

***can now act as a full blown Web Server including Server Side Include support.
***web directory listings can be disabled.
***now supports virtual domains on a per user basis so you can lock users into a specific folder in their account based on their domain.
***There is a forgot password link on the main login page that users can use to have their password emailed to them.
***WebInterface is now localizable along with the rest of the CrushFTP GUI.
***Webinterface now allows you to specify what file types will open in a new window (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc.)
***You can now use the special variable "%form_email%" in email events to have an email set to a user supplied email with a custom upload form.
***you can now set the default sort column and direction for the WebInterface on a per user basis
***decreased the size of the windows .EXE file making version updates much faster.
***increased load handling under high connection rates (500+ connections per second)
***can't cancel the pick a server for the user manager
***you can now make custom localization for CrushFTP and pick the one you want.
***now allows for multiple user sessions to be changing the quota value at the same time.
***improved caching of users under heavy load
***now handles inheriting the unix permissions of a parent folder when a new file is uploaded into it
***fixed bug where linked virtual file systems didn't handle quotas properly
***fixed bug where uploading and replacing a file wouldn't reflect a new modified date
***fixed bug with uploading the same file twice in a row with the BrowserUploader in the WebInterface not doing the second upload.
***fixed issue with IE on windows not rendering the CrushUploader frame correctly
***fixed text encoding issues with foreign languages and Java 1.6
***fixed bug in CrushFTP where iGetter and other "download accelerators" could not resume HTTP transfers.
***fixed GUI issues and FTP issues when Localization folder was missing
***fixed a memory leak in the GUI of CrushFTP.
***fixed cleanup of temp files after updating

CrushFTP 4.3 changes:

***CrushFTP now supports Virtual File System chaining.  This means multiple users virtual file systems can be shared to another user. You only need to update one location, and all users linked to that VFS will now have the changes.
***the CrushImagePreviewPlugin now displays exif information in the web browser when you hover over a photo.
***you can now use a custom login page based on the domain the user used to reach your server.  (example:, or could have different login pages even though they are the same server)
***the main CrushFTP GUI is now Localizable with French and German coming soon.
***installing as a service now is active as a service before your first restart
***made windows update.bat self delete itself when finished.
***created a setting for timezone offset on a per user basis
***fixed bug with CrushSQL not working with older versions table structure.
***added max download amount per month
***added reset option for max download amount per month, and per day
***displays friendly message when no user options are available
***added confirmation to stopping all servers
***added proftpd user and group imports
***fixed issue with CrushFTP Widget where it couldn't connect to the server.
***fixed osx integration install / uninstall
***fixed bug when you delete the current server that has users attached to it
***fixed bug in max download amount per day
***fixed error in user manager when sending a test email with no recipients or from address
***fixed bug where default logo was not applied to virtual users

CrushFTP 4.2.5 changes:

***supports compression on the WebInterface when the browser is rendering it.  Speeds up the WebInterface (HTTP gzip encoding)
***WebInterface is now faster as much of the load has been taken off of it.
***added CrushImagePreview shareware plugin.  It will convert full scale images to a small thumbnails that will be displayed when you hover over the image in the WebInterface
***you can now set backup limits for the user manager (default is 100)
***HTML output is now allowed in footer and other areas of the WebInterface
***WebInterface uploads now confirm if you want to overwrite an existing file before starting the upload
***added install service assistance when not using default configurations
***added a training video showing how to customize the WebInterface.  This includes setting up custom upload forms, and custom login messages.
***added a training video for setting up a free Domain name account through
***added a training video showing how to use some more advanced settings of the MagicDirectory plugin.
***added a training video showing how to use the reporting architecture of CrushFTP as well as scheduling reports
***updated documentation to reflect new features in CrushFTP

CrushFTP 4.2.4 changes:

***you can now set a default logo file to be used for the entire server (which can be still be customized on a per user basis)
***the MagicDirectory plugin now supports merging the template users VFS with the MagicDirectory user.
***added progress results for long searches on the WebInterface
***added quota support for CrushSQL plugin.  Supports updating the SQL value when the quota changes as well.
***CrushSQL plugin can now handle almost all values the Crush User Manager can.  Its more feature complete now.
***webstatistics log entries are now filtered
***warns user with uploads that have the same name giving a chance to abort the upload
***new option in the UserManager to allow enabling/disabling the option in the WebInterface of "Hide '.' items".
***the server now defaults to hiding all the WebInterface HTTP requests unless specifically enabled.
***new option to set the timezone of the server to the modified date on new files is set properly
***added web customization options to alter the column header names
***added web customization to alter the date format on the modified column
***fixed issue where a disabled "anonymous" account would make the webinterface un-usable
***fix for statistics not being saved when running as a service

CrushFTP 4.2.3 changes:

***added report scheduling.  You can now schedule report to be run every day(or weekly, monthly, etc.) and written to a directory for your later review.
***every four HTTP connections from the same IP now only counts as one concurrent connection.  This lets your license allow more HTTP users.
***added comments that can be added to the virtual file system and displayed in the WebInterface
***added export to CSV format for reports
***added Upload And Download summary report.
***added Account Activity Summary report.
***added quick set button to expire accounts in x days from now.
***added option to save reports to a specific location
***changed check for update mechanism to default to HTTPS which is more compatible with firewalls.
***wrote up FAQ entry on how to import a commercial SSL certificate
***LDAP server now supports additional LDAP servers
***fixed bug with publishing iCal calendars to a CrushFTP WebDAV server.
***fixed bug with event setup in user manager (you could make events that would never run.)
***fixed bug where .message files were not being displayed in FTP dir listings
***fixed bug with reports when a user downloaded a folder as a .zip
***fixed bug with "anonymous" user in WebInterface
***fixed bug with LaunchProcess plugin on Windows
***fixed bug with dir listing son Linux and Java 1.6
***fixed bug with max download amount per day causing a download to never be allowed to start
***fixed bug with Finder's WebDAV polluting reports, and email events
***fixed bug where upload stats had the wrong file size
***fixed bug where you could not "unlink" a server to another servers users
***fixed bug where the user manager could not be opened

CrushFTP 4.2.2 changes:

***fixed bug where login / logout buttons were being added repeatedly
***fixed bug where uploaded files and folders didn't inherit the parent folders UNIX user/group
***crushUploader will keep retrying with a longer and longer timeout
***fixed log window not scrolling with activity on XP
***auto unzip plugin had wrong help message header
***fixed bug with reports not working from web browser remote admin
***fixed bug with auto kick oldest session always being enabled
***fixed bug where splash screen was still shown even when set to hide at startup
***fixed bug with generating a certificate twice
***cleaned up stat reporting to have less false positives
***fixed up currentLogins report so that it consolidates HTTP sessions.  Makes it far more readable.
***WebInterface files are no longer tracked in the stats making for less pollution of irrelevant files
***added unique IP count to user IP report
***fixed all known text encoding issues dealing with foreign characters (high ascii characters) in FTP and WebDAV
***fixed bug with WebDAV failing if an anonymous user had been created

CrushFTP 4.2.1 changes:

***crush uploader now handles custom upload forms like the browser uploader does
***added support for MODE S (opposite to the compression MODE Z command.)
***fixed bug with having two spaces in a row in a file or folders name
***reports are now saved to the right location when using remote admin
***fixed button uploads showing on non upload pages when you don't have upload rights and button name has been changed
***fixed bug with WebInterface and folders with only 3 characters in their name.)
***added additional banning for bots using dictionary attacks on usernames
***fixed bug with email events not including the posted upload form data from a user.
***added ability to track which files were uploaded with each form in email event
***fixed bug with several SFTP clients that could not connect using SFTP version 4+
***improved bandwidth throttling to be extremely accurate regardless of available bandwidth
***fixed bug with zipping on the fly from the WebInterface
***fixed bug with folders / files that had a '#' or '+' in their name with the WebInterface
***fixed bug that could prevent being able to login with remote amdinistration
***fixed bug that could make the daemon show up in the dock
***you can now auto login via URL example:
***fixed bug with long dir listings positions popup window in middle of document, not middle of the window
***switch single .zip in crush uploader to be "normal" instead of auto reason to zip a zip
***decreased the chance for a DenialOfService to work against CrushFTP
***added control for hiding/showing items that start with a "."
***changing your password is controlled by the option in the user manager to change password.
***made stats crushftp keeps more accessible
***removed default "Custom" button on WebInterface
***added multiple checkboxes to custom forms instead of a single checkbox per line

CrushFTP 4.2 changes:

***fixed bugs with running CrushFTP behind Apache (Apache as the front end, ReverseProxy to CrushFTP)
***new reporting engine in CrushFTP 4!  Many more reports coming.
***The WebInterface has been overhauled.  If you thought it was nice before...wait till you see it now.
***CrushUploader is now integrated with the WebInterface
***webinterface now allows you to change your password from it.
***web interface now supports custom upload forms.  You can include extra comments, and forms with all uploads, even require specific information.
***web interface now supports searching on custom information that was submitted with a form
***form based login that can be customized easily.
***WebInterface now hides delete access to items that are "virtual"
***fixed bug where search couldn't find non empty folders
***fixed webInterface remote administration not working properly
***limit who can see buttons on the screen
***added additional search criteria to WebInterface search function
***allow configuration of webinterface styles per user
***specify logo per user
***columns on the web interface can now be selectively disabled
***fixed bug with resetting server stats not doing everything
***fixed bug with transmit creating directories when using WebDAV
***auto restart OS X service after an update
***registration information is now in the about panel
***fixed bug with uploads in ASCII mode uploads in MODE Z never being decompressed
***added additonal warning to reset all prefs in Preferences window
***no longer beeps for every connection when in remote admin mode (lets you set it in the preferences.)
***fixed bug with macbinary uploaded files not getting their default owner, group, and privs set
***fixed bug where "disconnect" events were not triggered with the WebInterface
***fixed bugs in quota handling.  Quotas now also work on the web interface.
***fixed bug with IE not caching graphics properly
***added logout to webstatistics page
***no longer lists pasv port errors after remote admin connection
***added startup message to give progress during longer startup times
***debug options plugin now writes to crushftp log instead of OS's system console log.

CrushFTP 4.1 changes:

***added search capabilities to WebInterface
***uploads with WebDAV will now report the correct filename in email events, and remove the temp items that were uploaded and deleted
***added live sorting to WebInterface
***new plugin called PreferencesController that lets you take snapshots of your preferences to be used at specific times of the day...allowing for automated server restrictions for certain days of the week, or times of the day (bandwidth, ports used, max connections, etc.)
***created OSXNetInfo plugin to integrate with NetInfo / OS X.  Users, passwords, and home directory info is loaded from NetInfo.
***home directory plugin can now create a dynamic folder based on the current date.  For example: every day a user account uploads to a new folder, without access to yesterdays files.
***added support for ReverseProxying CrushFTP behind an Apache server (Apache is the front end, CrushFTP appears as part of it.)
***improved update mechanism that will make updating faster, easier, and more reliable.
***added inline renaming of items on WebInterface
***sped up serverside rendering of HTML
***support mode z for file transfers and directory listings (compression for FTP client transfers).  Many FTP clients support this, and it really speeds things up in them.
***Enhanced CrushLDAP to support more LDAP servers.  (more configurable now too.)
***uploaded files are immediately set to the default owner / groups / privs when the upload starts...not when it finishes now.
***fixed bug with uploading files with WebDAV (would get access denied sometimes)
***fixed bug with the events where no email was ever sent when you chose to send it when they disconnected all sessions
***fixed issue with foreign characters causing partial HTML results.
***fixed bug where in HTML mode, the server would not filter items based on the server preferences.
***fixed bug with CrushUploader applet not handling some foreign characters
***files uploaded with FTP that have a "/" in their name will no longer fail.
***added button in user manager to remove items from a users listing (they will have no access to the item)
***fixed bug where common hack names were only being kicked and not banned also
***improved SFTP support to handle events better and set owner/group/privs on uploads appropriately
***fixed bug where sometimes you couldn't connect with remote admin
***improved speed calculations so they are more accurate
***added notes field to user manager so you can keep comments about a user for your reference
***improved speed calculations on CrushUploader when it is uploading many small items.
***added option to automatically redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS port.
***worked around bug in Java that would occasionally make the GUI screen appear empty when you first ran CrushFTP.
***fixed bug where items did not download with the right file name when clicking the .zip button

CrushFTP 4.0.9 changes:

***fixed issue with downloading MacBinary files
***fixed bug with plugin prefs not being saved when using remote admin
***fixed issue with HomeDirectory plugin not working properly when used with the CrushSQL plugin
***fixed issue with MacBinary and HTML template files
***improved the CrushFTP Widget so that it updates in more realtime, and is much more flexible.
***created AutoUnzip pluginto automatically unzip .zip files uploaded to specific directories.
***created Content blocker plugin to block files with specific extensions
***created DuplicateBlocker plugin to block duplicate files from being re-uploaded
***fixed internationalization issues with dates in WebDAV
***ls -la command is optional (and off by default except for OS X)
***user manager's test smtp button will now substitute '%user_email%' even for the test.
***when dragging multiple users on a group, you are now only asked the inheritance questions once.
***updated documentation
***homedir plugin will no longer make a folder for "anonymous", or "webstatistics"
***fixed issue with remote administration leaving sockets unclosed.
***will now check to figure out your WAN IP as a backup if fails
***fixed issue with error message being incorrect when there was trouble binding to an IP
***fixed issues with SITE UTIME command with some FTP clients
***fixed issues with Linux and passwords being corrupted
***fixed issues with remote admin when coming from a Mac to a windows/linux server
***fixed issue with OS's that support too long of owner/group information

CrushFTP 4.0.8 changes:

***now supports resuming HTTP downloads
***now support resuming HTTP uploads with CrushUploader
***will now automatically retry uploads with CrushUploader up to 5 times if it gets disconnected
***improved auto renaming when uploading to a drop folder
***fixed bug in previous version where it wasn't purging old user backups as it was supposed to be doing
***there is a backup method for HTTP uploads if the ajax uploader isn't working now.
***removed annoying second message when re-downloading update
***automatically bans common "hack" usernames after 5 failed attempts.
***you can now copy and paste files / folders into the user manager (right click copy in Finder, right click, paste in user manager)
***fixed bug where after restarting CrushFTP, the log window wasn't showing the latest log entries
***you can now update CrushFTP via HTTP or FTP
***webdav doesn't support hiding folder contents of folders that don't allow "view"
***fixed osx integration component
***fixed issue where you couldn't duplicate a user when in remote admin mode
***fixed issue where winXP couldn't delete directories in WebDAV that were not empty

CrushFTP 4.0.7 changes:

***defaults bonjour (formerly Rendezvous) server announcements to off
***added support for importing events when importing your CrushFTP 3 users into CrushFTP4.
***fix for downloading updates when you are behind a firewall / proxy
***added WebStatistics plugin for monitoring CrushFTP from a WebBrowser
***created CrushFTP Dashboard Widget for monitoring the WebStatistics from the Dashboard in OS X Tiger
***fixed up XSL/Javscript for XML WebInterface problems in Safari

CrushFTP 4.0.6 changes:

***default webInterfaceTemplate to being "" so the default for listing a dir doesn't do XML as html
***fixed bug with browsing through folders with SFTP
***fixed bug with empty directories and SFTP
***fixed issues with Fugu and Transmit with SFTP
***fixed issues with SFTP and the starting directory (where if you have only one dir, CrushFTP starts you inside that dir.)
***implemented permissions in SFTP listings
***fixed a memory leak that was causing CrushFTP to crash after a few weeks up uptime
***sped up user login time (older machines were seeing long delays at login)
***add update mechanism for plugins
***now no longer stores excessive backups of users.
***fixed issue with odd time getting calculated in final 2-3 seconds of a file transfer
***beep on connect will play a beep if there is a remote admin session open now
***created workarounds for Safari ignoring cookies when using XML mode
***allows user to delete a directory when using WebInterface
***warn user about running from a locked disk image
***warn user if they try and create / update a user and it fails for some reason (locked / owned by root)
***remote admin connections now tell you the progress as its creating the connection
***fixed bug with new plugins now showing up in Preferences so they could be configured
***added support for WebStatistics and an OS X Widget (widget not implemented yet...but can be easily now.)

CrushFTP 4.0.5 changes:

The CrushFTP WebInterface and plugins have been updated.  Download the updates form here:

***fixed issue where it was possible to corrupt a users VFS (FTP)
***fixed issues with displaying success when changing a directory even if access had been denied (FTP)
***fixed issue with asking for a directory list in a directory other than the current one would result in an empty list (FTP)
***workaround for a bug with empty directories and FTPS mode.
***fixed remaining time calculation bug in WebInterface Java uploader
***enhanced the CrushSQL plugin to make it a whole lot easier to configure it.  It can now also be bound to a single server
***added the option to generate HTML for the WebInterface or XML / XSLT (much faster!)
***fixed bug where there could be many hundreds of XML files in the stats folder
***fixed bug with implicit SSL mode (it wouldn't enable even if you selected it)
***added hover for webinterface so the selected row is highlited
***fixed bug in how plugins loaded users where if you were using the CrushSQL and MagicDir together, it would always fail.
***fixed some bugs in editing the properties on items in the user manager
***allow for custom webinterface templates on a per user basis
***fixed typo on scroll with activity checkbox

CrushFTP 4.0.4 changes:

***added ability to migrate users data folders from one hard drive to another
***ignored all future passwords in current session after 5 failed passwords
***fixed ban buttons on main window
***changed FTP aware router option to default to being off
***added additional hook for plugins to alter the behavior of CrushFTP
***fixed blank window that pops up while installing daemon on OS X
***fixed issue where dir listings would fail with some symbolic link items (now ignores the bad symbolic links)
***added DebugOptions plugin, and FilterCommand plugin
***session commands in the main window didn't list the item retrieved for HTTP GET
***fixed issue where Finder would never prompt for authorization when using WebDAV if you had the anonymous available
***fixed issue with Windows machines and adding files tot he users virtual file system
***enabled viewing report statistics in remote admin mode
***enhanced zipping on the fly, it now starts sending zipped data even while its looking up the list of files to zip inside a folder.
***arrow keys can be used to move between users in the user manager now
***you can now zip directories with an unlimited number of files in them
***WebInterface now has an option to add download selected files as .zip
***allow cloning of plugins (this allows one plugin to be used for multiple configurations)
***updated some WebInterface files.  You have to manually get and replace these as I don't overwrite your WebInterface folder.

You can get them here:

CrushFTP 4.0.3 changes:

***Created plugins: HomeDirectory, MagicDirectory, and LaunchProcess
***now imports CrushFTP3 groups and assigns inheritance correctly.
***fixed issue with changing users settings while they are currently logged in.
***fixed issue with Finder not being able to download items that were being zipped on the fly since their size was reported as 0.
***improved bandwidth throttle to be more accurate
***fixed issue with mkdir command

CrushFTP 4.0.2 changes:

***fixed bug with linux not loading CrushFTP if it had no sound drivers
***reset prefs no longer wipes registrations and manage servers list
***fixed issue with remaining time for downloads going negative
***fixed issue with email events not working correctly.
***fixed issue with GUI changes (window size, position, etc) not being saved when using remote admin mode)
***added warning when an email event appears to be improperly formatted
***fixed issue with downloaded speeds often being reported as 0k/sec
***fixed issue with importing CrushFTP 3 users and having the welcome message get messed up.
***added additional support for plugin architecture.  More plugins are coming soon!

CrushFTP 4.0.1 changes:

***fix for registrations not working in Linux
***fix for firefox not displaying FTP dir listings when running CrushFTP under 10.3.9
***allow updating even when its the same version
***default settings to 8080, and 443
***slow startup keeps from getting IP set on main window for server items
***simplified installing service
***stop check check for update when doing remote admin
***make the hash for a user be calculated after reading the user in, setting the values, then pulling the values back from the user manager before the user could have done anything.  Test as this may not work the best still...
***hide password from list of commands in user info
***reset prefs to defaults didn't reset anything...
***add back the stop / start individual server items
***fix bug with removing linkedServer setting
***can't drag and drop boot drive into user manager

CrushFTP4.0 changes:

Use this to test your own server:

***fixed synchronizing window never going away when doing remote admin from web browser.
***improved web login / logout process
***changed template.html file to have the user's username as their root path
***fixed sticky logout issue with some browsers not really logging out consistantly
***fix changes.html opening to be rendered right...
***renamed advanced preferences window
***removed non-existant items for dir/file permissions
***removed non-existant controls for remote administration
***defaults to having a FTP/HTTP/HTTPS server enabled
***relaxed hammering default settings
***removed minimize to system tray option
***track name changes to items that have other server items inheriting their users folder.  Update them as well.
***import users, only show non linked servers
***asks to inherit all settings when adding a user to a group
***fixed bug with importing crushftp3 users.

CrushFTP4fc2 changes:

***if you pick a user to use for remote admin, that user gets ADMIN privs added to them if they didn't have it
***if you remove the daemon, it no longer lets you immediately try and re-add it without first restarting.

CrushFTP4fc1 changes:

***fixed creation of a folder named "null" when doing remote admin
***added delay for installing and starting service on PC
***doing a update now downloads changes.html as well
***username for login is no longer case sensitive
***fixed webdav for winXP client
***if a folder is requested without the "/" the user is redirected appropriately. (Web Interface)
***fixed uploading with safari in the browser
***fixed HTTPS remote admin mode
***no longer can ban
***site chmod now responds with an OK code regardless if it was OK.  (message still reports success or failure)
***update should display changes.html file once finished
***cleans up temp folder when you quit remote admin session

CrushFTP4b21 changes:

***displays message when quitting server indicating its synchronizing
***fixed bug in crush uploader where it would report an error on all zipped uploads (upload was actually fine.)
***pressing delete in usermanager on a virtual item will now delete it
***fixed logout issue on IE.
***now shows connecting window while remote admin is initializing
***fixed issue with remote admin not updating properly when you added or removed server items
***fixed issue with remote admin denying all logins with HTTP even if you had access
***fixed bug where dir listings of "/" in FTP were always empty
***fixed bug where editing a manage server item would invalidate the password
***usermanager is now closed before importing users
***usermanager is now closed before quitting server giving you a chance to save changes.
***usermanager no longer asks you to save after you make a new user and have already saved.
***now logs the server the user connected on

CrushFTP4b20 changes:

**now a universal binary (somehow I had missed compiling it as such until now...)
***Webdav uploads now tracked like FTP uploads
***web uploads now tracked like FTP uploads
***fixed logout button on web page (wasn't working before)
***display error message if upload fails with java uploader
***when clicked on a list item on main window, and the list changes, the selection now "sticks"
***fixed user manager drive listings starting out completely empty until you had clicked on first user
***user manager now gets its drive listings and virtual listings from remote server when doing remote admin
***don't allow renaming of real items in user manager when in remote admin mode
***make self signed cert have more meaningful information
***prevent user manager from opening before users have all been written out in remote admin mode.
***fix bug with IE rendering the gray above the buttons
***allow user to restore from an old backup
***add version to CrushUpplet
***WebDAV is much snappier now, and returns better results.
***enforce invisible file item permissions in WebDAV (items were showing up...)
***removed password from title bar of remote admin server window
***added URL on to usermanager if its a remote admin session
***reinstalling remote admin no longer creates duplicate remote admin entry items.
***installing a service is now very configurable letting you decide what username to use, and what server item to connect to.
***fixed bug in importing CrushFTP3 users if you had not created any normal CrushFTP 4 users first.
***fixed bug with crushftp uploader
***added graphing, and time remaining for uploads/donwloads (only supported for uploads on HTTP)
***fixed formatting of time remaining on crushuploader
***fixed calculations of "current" transfer speeds for server
***will no longer BEEP when running in daemon mode when clients connect.  (This would break daemon mode and it would show up in the dock.)
***http sessions now expire after around 60 minutes of no use.
***added graphs on to main window
***fixed update from the file menu of CrushFTP where it wouldn't download the update.
***javascript / browser upload page didn't work in safari
***fixed bug with importing CrushFTP3 users where the password was sometimes scrambled.
***crushftp3 import now honors encryption setting for passwords.
***webdav now honors upload / download / rename / make dir permissions properly
***allow right click to remove multiple items in user manager

CrushFTP4b19 changes:

***fixed issue where a bad user/pass for remote admin could make it so you couldn't get back into CrushFTP to fix it.
***fixed bugs in HTTP uploads, and sped it up
***fixed bug with zipping on the fly for CrushFTP java uploader (If you zipped on windows, and expanded on mac, zip was wrong.)
***fixed bug in CrushFTP 3 import with passwords being wrong
***fixed bug in CrusHFTP3 import with root_dir being set wrong, making logins fail for that user
***fixed bug with disappearing users when using daemon and remote administration (users were in the backup folder, but missing from the proper place.)
***fixed bug in email events not being triggered, or missing data when triggered by webinterface
***crushftp diagnostics that scans your server and tests for common issues.  prints a report of things that failed, and what it means (website link off of CrushFTP home page)
***enabled caching for webinterface...HUGE speed improvement

CrushFTP4b18 changes:
***when using remote admin, user changes were only synched if you closed the user manager window, and NOT if you just quit the remote admin session.
***when having a start dir of root, sometimes browser can't do browser uploads as it doesn't seem to have rights
***fix boundary generation on upplet
***uploads to suse linux never appear in directory if the file size is small.
***crush uploader, made finished status turn the window green
***root link on webinterface not linking to proper directory.
***improve safari loading speed for web interface
***fixed syncing of users for remote admin - both directions

CrushFTP4b17 changes:
***fixed issue where server log would scroll forever repeating itself in WinXP
***fixed bug with Windows not being able to remove items in the user manager or rename them.
***fixed bug where http connections might not get closed if they were invalid
***allow for SHA hashing of passwords
***webdav space in folder name fails
***event lookup to easily copy events from one user to another
***webinterface checkbox to hide invisible files
***fixed bug with toggle all button on webinterface
***support KEEP-ALIVE, and http request queueing.
***fixed bug in zipping on the fly (empty folders were not included)
***write Java applet to handle drag and drop of multiple files.  Also can do zipped uploads of entire folders.  Very cool.
***sped up remote admin by at least 10x
***only show webadmin link if user has web_admin in site settings (Click the CrushFTP icon on the web interface)
***if do email event immediately, then only send last item found in list of files uploaded / downloaded...otherwise list keeps getting longer and longer
***make email events work for webinterface
***add zip on the fly back to web interface (Click on the folder icon next to the folder's name.)
***invalid dir specified gives null pointer error on webpage
***server speeds on main window are now formatted
***zip on the fly fails when Icon\r file is encountered
***prompt user for where to store temporary files on web admin
***manage users doesn't allow for HTTP urls, and doesn't save right away, and doesn't work when you select item in list...
***you can now reset server stats
***registrations on the web should now happen automatically going from 3.x to 4.x without needing to email me.

CrushFTP4b16 changes:
***fixed bug with IE downloading files in HTTPS mode
***delete user, and recreate immediately.  failed saying ti was in use.  (deleted like 50 users though)
***MDTM doesn't work to read a date time or to write a date time.
***progress bar on web uploads
***fixed extreme VM slowdowns during web uploads after a few 100mb transfers...
***fixed inheritance for various items in user manager
***fixed duplicating user over top of other user
***can now inherit settings to group, un-inherit setting, or just copy settings to group (hold down option or control and select the (This user) item in the inherit setting of a group user)
***start webinterface in ROOT_DIR (or only dir if user only has one folder) instead of "/"
***fixed bug with case sensitive filesystems not working with the web interface
***fixed bug with banned IP's being listed as logged on users
***webinterface now allows you to delete multiple files at once

CrushFTP4b15 changes:

fixed window SSL certificate creation
fixed linux dir listing bug
fixed IE being unable to download when using HTTPS
fixed email notifications for on disconnect
added support for variables in a  tag in the subject of an email as well as the body.
fixed a few typos
other minor fixes for things only I noticed...:)

Ben Spink