CrushSync 1.7 changes: (11/28/10)

***added default prefs and log rolling
***added ability to right click to copy and paste between source to destination
***group syncs now bundle all results into a single email
***double clicking the header of the source/destination panel will swap them back and forth
***scheduled syncs can now be set to play catchup or not if the sync was missed while the machine was off
***added more control over the logging detail
***more robust retry capabilities to ensure a sync does complete
***no longer sends an email if nothing was actually synched
***ignores date differences if its the hours only that is different and not the minute or seconds
***handles a zipped file listing from CrushFTP for faster file listing transfers
***added size to the preview list to help on deciding if things are correct

***numerous bug fixes related to UTF8 character encodings over various protocols making syncs fail
***fixes on filter algorithm
CrushSync 1.6 changes: (3/05/10)

***improved logging to have more meaningful data
***added log rolling ability to keep logs files from growing to big
***added ability for OS X to do self updates

***fixed schedule bug where schedules may not run
***fixed bug so self updating will work
***fixed bug so post script commands will complete
CrushSync 1.5 changes: (2/25/10)

***added ability to start multiple syncs at once
***added MD5 hash checking with CrushFTP servers
***can now set the next time to run by clicking on the time
***added ability to rename the source file after a sync
***email notifications can now be customized
***added support for UTF8 on more servers
***prevents caching of DNS names int eh event the DNS changed
***handles more complex invalid URLs
***can now handle multiple hosts by separating them with a comma
***windows version can be set to self update (see FAQ instruction)

***fixed bug with FTP listings
***fixed bug with installing and removing the daemon in OS X
***fixed bug where a scheduled sync could be missed if the machine had been off
***fixed bug where a group of syncs could be running at the same time
***fixed bug where multiple source items could make the sync run very long
***fixed how pre-scripts and post-scripts run
***fixed bug where group licenses might check frequently
CrushSync 1.4 changes:(10/29/09)

***you can now choose multiple source folders when doing a merge sync
***can now do zipstreaming for much much faster uploads and syncs with CrushFTP servers
***added support for resuming an upload if the transfer breaks
***added MD5 checksums when uploading to a CrushFTP server
***added file based encryption so synced data is stored securely on remote servers
***added password option to lock CrushSync
***you can now pick the next run time for a sync by double clicking on the date
***improved summary email explaining if a sync actually succeeded
***faster scanning of sync items when filters block certain dirs.
***SFTP will now ignore . and .. items
***improved GUI monitor tab items
***will do automatic IP substitution if the FTP server gives the wrong IP
***added new about tab that can be customized and branded
***added create folder button

***fixed bug for UTF8 encoding
***fixed bug where SFTP connections couldn't connect
***fixed bug with making changes to pre/post scripts
***fixed bug with some dir. listings on FTP servers
***fixed bug with regex patterns
***fixed bug where FTPS might revert to FTP mode
***fixed bug with serv-u and MODE Z
***fixed bug with FTPS connections on some servers not liking the order of commands
***fixed bug where FTP sessions could timeout
CrushSync 1.3 changes:

***added pre/post script to execute before and after a sync runs. (mount a server)
***added additional information when monitoring a syncs progress
***improved handling of syncs with FTPS
***can now rename an existing schedule
***fixed snapshots for two way syncs
***updated summary page
***fixed bug when a network share is unavailable
***fixed GUI glitches when monitoring a sync
CrushSync 1.2 changes:

***added support for FTPS protocol (encrypted FTP using SSL/TLS)
***when synching with a CrushFTP 4.9.5+ server, it is very very fast!
***added support for compression (MODE Z) in FTP mode.
***added option to cache local source list, so future comparisons skip server check
***added option to skip folder modification date synchronization
***monitor tab now includes many more details, time remaining, bytes transfers, etc.
***sped up file listings, defaults to more CPU usage now
***added timezone offset for syncs
***increased memory usage to handle larger sets of files.
***automatically starts windows service after installing it
***fixed compatibility issues with some other FTP servers
***added live scrolling for log window
***minor bug fixes
***new internal build process
CrushSync 1.1 changes:

***This version is highly recommended.  Its a major new version, with many parts rewritten.
***Added support for daemon / GUI mode.  You can now install as a service.
***Fixed numerous bugs with the synching of WebDAV servers.  URLEncoding filenames and paths.  CrushFTP 4.9.4+
***Sped up Syncs, they use less memory now too.
***Supports UNC paths on Windows.
***Added support for SFTP servers.
***New feature on merge syncs where it moves the file instead of copying.
***Fixed email bug where it always gave SSL errors on some SMTP server.
CrushSync 1.0.9 changes:

***added support for complex filename filters
***added support for MD5 comparisons on files of the same size
CrushSync 1.0.5 changes:

***added option to ignore file modified dates when deleting items on two way syncs
***added notification when all files are in sync while doing a preview
***fixed bug with folders showing they needed to be synched when they didn't
***added pause, stop, resume buttons to the monitor sync window
CrushSync 1.0.1 changes:

***fixed error at startup
CrushSync 1.0 changes:

***initial public 1.0 version

Ben Spink